Why does DIOnavi. matter to Dentist?

DIOnavi. Case-in-a-BOX

100% model less digital workflow based ‘case in a box’ solution
helping offices attract more patients with higher predictable outcomes
and productivity.

Financial Why?

  • Average CTR increases from 1.45% to 13.01%. 8X increase in marketing the DIOnavi. to patients.
  • Helps offices maintain a sustainable revenue stream at total cost of ownership less than $700/Implant.
  • Clinical Why?

  • Less than 0.4º deviation thus enabling immediate temporization enabled by science and technology behind the workflow.

  • Used cases of 500,000 cases delivered since 2017 globally.

  • Simple digital workflow helps significant reduction for the learning curve for implant procedures.

  • SMARTnavi. unique digital live support for every case. 
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