Set your financial goal with DIOnavi.

DIOnavi. Financial Goal
Annual DIOnavi. exclusive practice’s standard financial goal

In accordance with American Dental Association, Health Policy Institute, 2020 Survey of Dental Practice, the US dental practice generates avg. $742,490 revenue and avg. $219,570 net income.

The implant is known as one of the most profitable treatments for your practice, there is growing high competition in the marketplace. Before considering your pricing strategy in this highly competitive marketplace, the first question that you want to ask yourself as the implant practicing dentist is probably “Am I being competitive in this marketplace?”

Pricing strategy is often regarded as a discounting strategy which is misleading perception driven from competing with your competitor’s market pricing. However, the key question is the fair value of your treatment and the differentiating factors to the patients who have the incentive to consider your specific treatment against other competitors based on their willingness to pay after all.

DIOnavi. financial projection journey starts from the above key question and providing the solution to our customer’s patient marketing journey to introduce complete digital workflow-based implant treatment value at more than $8,000 per implant and providing that value at less than $4,000 per implant to the patient. Digital workflow truly enables you to visualize your treatment plan and journey to differentiate your practice, thus delivering trust to the patient. Your focus now has to be on how to make that fair market pricing to be affordable by bringing the competitive monthly installment financing solution to the patient.

We strongly believe, DIOnavi. is the right standard that patients in the marketplace are looking for and by differentiating your practice by delivering the unique DIOnavi. experience and journey to the patients where it makes sense for your patient today would bring your next patient tomorrow to drive the above illustrated financial milestone to your practice.

The DIOnavi. team literally walk you and your staff through the entire journey to achieve your financial goal commencing from becoming a provider to partner level of practice sustainably doing full arch treatment in complete digital workflow with high confidence level regardless of your experience in implantology by bringing necessary education and training, clinical workflow support and patient marketing support most competitively and responsibly at your minimum cost of investment.

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