• The flexible, open system allows for easy collaboration with external CAD CAM equipment and easy export and transfer of STL files.
  • Its high-speed cameras, slim design and pinpoint accuracy make it one of the most popular scanners on the dental market.



The Medit i500 intra-oral scanner is now the market leader for practicing dentists. Its versatility and value are unparalleled.  The following videos detail some of the features unique to this open architecture imaging device.  The features include:
– Margin marking or identification in the native medit imaging software that allows you to send the data to the lab or for your to proceed with the design in your preferred computer aided design software
– Artificial implant scanbody, abutment, impression post detection and automatic import into design software
– The Medit i500 is one of the only scanners on the market that can create water-tight models or add bases to your models so that you can immediately print them.  Many scanners force you or the lab to spend extra time on this process and this can save the dentist quite a lot of time.
– Scanning large span areas and arches can be easily achieved with the help of the reliability mode
-Dual buccal bites and manual alignment allow for greater precision in mounting your digital cases correctly and preserving the proper vertical dimension

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