DIOnavi Sinus Master Kit (SMK)


Surgical Protocol

Lateral Approach Technic
Crestal Approach Technic


  • Ø2.0 Initial Drill
  • Round Drill
  • Stopper (depth of the drill)
  • Membrane Lifter
  • Depth Gauge
  • Bone Condenser
  • Round Drill
  • Core Drill



  • Crestal Approach Technic
    Sinus Technic based on low-speed drilling (50~100rpm) and stopper that perforates the inferior cortical wall and
    lifts the membrane safely and quickly
  • Lateral Approach Technic
    Round drill or core drill can be selected. The membrane can be lifted safely and
    quickly based on low-speed drilling (50~100rpm) and stopper

sinus master kit

Based on the advanced surface treatment technology, our HSA (Hybrid Sandblasted and Acid-Etched) titanium surface with a supra-micro surface to accommodate the optimal environment for new bone cells to integrate after implant placement.

The science behind the titanium surface treatment maximizes the bone-to-implant contact surface area by bringing the ideal roughness from sandblasting and acid-etching. However, the sharpness of the supra-micro surface edges needs to be rather rounded to bring an optimal environment for bone cells to integrate. It makes DIO UFII Implant outstanding from competitor’s SLA Implant products.

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