DIO Torque Wrench – UFII Narrow Kit UF(M) 08


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  • Use for screw tightening
  • 10, 15, 20, 25 and 30 Ncm and unlimited torque setting is possible
  • When the torque is reached to set value, the nect is bent
  • The laser marking on the handle denotes the torque value
  • For the application of unlimited torque, pull the body outward and rotate 90°
  • After use, be sure to separate, clean, and sterilize the tools completely
    It is compatible only Screwdriver Ratchet (SKU-HD)
    ※ Remarks
  • – Torque wrench for prosthetics
    – It could be used from UF(III) surgical kit or is required to purchase separately because of not including in DIOnavi. master kit

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