Introducing DIOnavi. Product & Solution

DIOnavi. is a revolutionary implant system that is changing the way treatment is provided around the world.  This groundbreaking system empowers clinicians to:
Perform faster surgeries; Provide safer treatment; Deliver excellent outcomes; Increase patient comfort; Reduce chair time; Decrease doctor stress;
and Improve the financial success of the practice.

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DIOnavi. leverage’s today’s digital technology and 3D imaging capabilities to automate digitally planned, prosthetically driven, guided implant placements.
DIOnavi. requires only a few minutes of doctor time to complete a digital Rx, and the DIO team takes care of all other aspects of digitally planning treatment.
Clinicians are electronically notified when a surgical simulation is ready for their review and they can easily check the clinical proposal from their
computer or smartphone.  Once the doctor has approved the digital plan, DIO delivers a customized ‘case-in-a-box’ which includes everything the doctor
needs to provide treatment.  The ‘case-in-a-box’ includes a surgical guide, step-by-step drilling instructions, appropriate implant(s), appropriate abutment(s),
and most of the time screw retained temporary crown(s). Doctors and clinical staff can even watch a customized video simulation of the surgery ahead of time
to ensure the treatment goes smoothly.  

DIOnavi. FullArch takes things to the next level with a 100% digital full arch treatment solution.  DIOnavi. FullArch drastically increases accuracy
and simplifies all aspects of Full Arch treatment. DIOnavi. Full Arch completely revolutionizes how provisional and final restorations are designed and fabricated.
This system reduces office visits and results in more functional full arch solutions.  

Take a few minutes to look at DIOnavi. and DIOnavi. FullArch to see how they can transform your practice.

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