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Digital Dentistry in 2022


We are excited to bring our new WORKFLOW platform to our Dentists in 2022. the Workflow will highlight important steps of becoming a DIOnavi partner and effective ways dentists can perform more dental implant procedures utilizing DDA (digitaldentistryacademy.net) courses and Dionavi Products. Focusing on the patient experience, Dentists can count us by providing the education and tools necessary to achieve successful dental implant procedures.

Build your Digital Dentistry knowledge and take your practice to the next level with Dionavi & Digital Dentistry Academy ( DDA )

True online and hands-on practice hybrid education & training to maximize your confidence.

Become a Certified provider of DIOnavi. Courses are available on-demand and in person.

In times of the pandemic era, COVID has sparked a strong digital acceleration in dental technology which will continue through 2022.
DIOnavi WORKFLOW will offer the capability of taking dental implant procedures creating a patient journey towards a beautiful smile, in doing so, Dentists who partner with Dionavi & sign up for DDA courses will gain more confidence and financial success learning in following :

The Patient Experience – at Dionavi we understand the process of patient engagement, In today’s world, patient retention and expectations require more tailored and thoughtful interactions. Our dentists will be able to employ modern techniques and technology to transform dental care.
Building Trust Process – Having one of the highest levels of trust with your patients can boost your ability to acquire and retain clients. Nevertheless, Trusted patients are more likely to accept treatment and make payments on time.

Taking Safety Measures: Dentists can add more value in building trust by ensuring safety protocols at their clinic around COVID-19 through social media, google business page, yelp, and website. Engaging your patients around their dental care will empower them to give referrals and reviews.

Investing in Continuous Education & Technology – Digital Dentistry Academy, the educational platform of Dionavi, provides online and in-person training to all dentists who are looking to take their dental implant procedures to the next level. Need more training? or Need better surgical kits? we offer comprehensive packages on courses, products, and clinical support to give you the confidence to take care of your patients eliminating inefficiencies.

Attaining Financial Success: providing a financial plan and growth strategy to your dental practice that will result in an increased number of dental implant procedures. By the end of the DDA training program, you’ll be able to perform up to all implant cases in-house as this will help you acquire more revenue.

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