DDA OnDemand Webinars

DDA OnDemand Webinars are actionable online courses taught by world-class doctors in implantology.
These recorded educational videos teach how to start and grow your business with tried-and-true systems from DIOnavi.
Enroll and learn how you can enhance your business through the advanced science & technology of DIOnavi.


Introduction to DDA and DIOnavi Surgical Kits

This course will review the contents of the DDA Typodont kit, explain DDA Kit components, review each DIOnavi Surgical Kit, and discuss the design and intended use of each DIOnavi Surgical Kit component.


How to accurately collect and upload the digital data for guided surgery (IOS and CBCT)

This course gives tips and tricks for capturing proper CBCT scans and Intraoral digital impressions, uploading digital records to the DIOnavi portal for guide fabrication, filling out the online Rx form, and reviewing and approving guide designs.


Understanding Surgical Protocols & Offsets with Hands-on Practice on a Bone Block

This class will help you understand and plan for various “offsets” as they relate to surgical guides. We will also be placing multiple implants using a guide on the DDA Bone Block.


Anterior Implant Placement with Immediate Temporization

This class will teach how to use the DIOnavi process to place Custom Abutments and an Immediate Temporary bridge on the DDA Typodont.


Multiple Posterior Implant placements with Sinus Lift

The course will teach attendees how to use a DIOnavi Surgical Guide to place posterior implants using either a Healing Abutment or with Immediate Temporization.


Implant Placement on a Fully Edentulous Lower Arch with Guide Fixation

This course teaches attendees how to use a DIOnavi Surgical Guide and the DIOnavi Special Kit to fix a guide when treating a fully edentulous arch.


Live Surgery Observation and Review – Anterior Implant Placement with Immediate Temporization

The instructor will demonstrate real-time use of the DIOnavi system for implant placement and immediate temporization.


Live Surgery Observation and Review – Posterior Implant Placement with Sinus Lift

The instructor will demonstrate real-time use of the DIOnavi Sinus Lift Kit to perform bone augmentation in the sinus while placing an immediate implant.

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Actionable Courses

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