DDA Member Continuous Education

DDA Member Continuous Education provides recorded education & training content for dentists and clinical staff members.
DDA provides the membership to all DIOnavi. customer accounts in the US to entertain seamless learning experiences of
digital dentistry workflows associated with DIOnavi. cases to become self-sustainable to manage your practice
with the up-to-date DIOnavi. science & technology and clinical knowledge.

DIOnavi. FullArch Partnership | Business Management

Learn about how to optimize your practice business and transform it into a sufficient income-generating business with DIOnavi. and DIOnavi. FullArch.

Use of Online Rx Order Platform | SMARTnavi.

Learn about the DIOnavi. online RX Order Platform and the virtual guidance that comes with every implant case when using the SMARTnavi. system.

DDA DIOnavi. FullArch Case Review | Mandibular

Learn how DIOnavi. FullArch, a complete digital and modeless clinical workflow, can accomplish immediate temporization on the date of your surgery.

Want to master the digital implant solution? Join the DDA Membership

What’s included?

Actionable Courses

  • Unlimited On-demand Webinar
  • 2 sessions of In-Person Hands-on Course
  • CE credits – more the merrier

DIOnavi. Kits

  • Full set of esential DIOnavi. Surgical Kits – Swiss Made
  • Free two single implant DIOnavi. cases (Final Restoration included)

Membership Benefits

  • Unlimited worn-out drill component exchange
  • 10% Discounts for Parts & Components orders

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