About Digital Dentistry Academy

Become a dentist who generates more than $800,000 net income per year.

Digital Dentistry Academy (DDA) provides a unique journey to transform dental practices into a complete digital | modeless workflow-based
implant center to maximize the revenue and profit, powered by DIOnavi. science & technology and seamless education and training program

DDA offers an A to Z journey to become a successful dentist, financially and clinically, with a variety of courses and programs,
continuous education contents, and the most competitive option to purchase the related product and solution to follow the success journey
that other dentists and clinical staffs went through to achieve their goals.

Experience the DDA and DIOnavi. journey of Dr. Riley Clark

DDA and DIOnavi. Introduction & Testimonial.

Ready to DIOnavi. Membership is the most competitive investment”

With only $299/mo investment, you would have the complete learning and experience to become a dentist who would sustainably deliver the predictable implant case in a complete digital | modeless workflow to your patient.

With this small investment per month, you can simply become a certified DIOnavi. provider and start to order your case “Pay as Go” with seamless remote service & support thus you can also join our in-person regional courses to share and discuss your cases with our key speakers and connect with them with this membership.

Membership includes 2x single implant fully guided cases up to immediate temporization and the final restoration prepared in complete modeless workflow where you can choose to go any time during 24 months.

We also provide 5 essential Swiss made high precision surgical kits along with this membership with unlimited free exchange of worn out drill components during 24 months and after those are all yours to keep.

Available for $299/mo

Understand the modern advancement in modeless guided implant surgery

9 Series of CE Live Webinar course allows you to learn the surprising advancements in guided implant placements in easy one hour increments.
Delivering insights on why you should consider transforming your practice into a complete digital and modeless workflow.

Available for $37

Learn hands-on and in-person implant education

Join one of our in-person DDA courses offered around the country.
This course teaches you everything from how to submit a case for digital planning to placing implants using the most advanced and easy to use guided implant system in the world. Attendees place 8+ implants using DIOnavi. guides on a provided typodont with cases ranging from single posterior placements to sinus lifts with immediate loading.
Upon completion, you receive DIOnavi certification status and listing as a DIOnavi provider on our patient facing website. Registration fee also includes a single guided implant placement with the DIOnavi. system.

Available for $799

Begin your journey and start placing DIOnavi implants in your practice

DIOnavi Experience Package includes everything you need to start placing both freehand and guided implants in your practice at an incredibly low price.
This package will let you experience everything DIO has to offer while providing your patients with the best digitally guided implant treatment available.

Available for $3,999

Up your game by learning the DIOnavi. Full Arch system

Now that you are familiar with the DIOnavi guided process, join us for hands-on education on DIOnavi. Full Arch. DIOnavi. Full Arch is BY FAR the best, easiest, fastest, and most predictable system for providing full arch treatment to your patients. This 8 CE in-person course will walk you though hand s on practice using this cutting edge system. Attendees will restore a full arch on the unique DDA Full Arch Typodont which the attendee may keep for patient consultations after the training.
The course will teach attendees how they can offer full arch treatment without the complications of dealing with complicated prosthetics.

Available for $799

Change a life by providing an edentulous patient with fully retained teeth

Implement your new skills and see just how easy full arch restorations should be. Take advantage of the special trial price of the DDA Full Arch system to provide easy, comfortable, predictable, functional, and beautiful treatment. Special Trial Case pricing includes everything you need from digital simulations, guides, implant components, provisionals, and final restoration in one flat fee so you can eliminate both clinical and financial surprises.
The DIO team will be available to help you every step of the way and you will quickly see that DIOnavi improves the lives of both the clinician and the patient!

Available for $4,999

DDA Value Proposition

Business│Patient marketing & practice management
Learn how industry leaders financially manage their practices and avoid discounting implant procedure fees
by leveraging patient marketing tactics while differentiating the unique service of digitally planned treatment
and immediate temporization.

Science & Technology│Learn how to utilize the best product and solution
Implant, Chair-side UV Activation Implant, Abutments, Surgical Kits, Innovative Components
3D Printer, 3D Printed Surgical Guide, Temporary Crowns and Final Crowns
Complete A-Z FullArch Solution

Clinical Workflow│Learn the day to day workflow of digital planning
Image data preparation and QA : CBCT, Intraoral Scanner.
Medical diagnosis, design requests, and digital Rx processing.
Treatment planning, design modifications, and treatment confirmation.

Practice│Immediate Temporization Hands-on practice with the typodont kit
Learn how to prepare the surgery.
Understanding of drilling protocol.
Utilization of live support and digital learning contents.

Experience│Live surgery demonstration
Walk through an actual live clinical case to understand every step of the digital workflow.
Experience the patient journey and satisfaction with minimally invasive treatment.
Find the practical answers while preparing your next surgery or previous case experience.

Application│Single implant trial case
Continue your case journey with our experienced speaker and service & support representative.
Maximize your learning experience by performing the included trial case in your practice.
Leverage our team to assist you with your first trial case and complete your education and digital experience.